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Sonoma County is in Northern California, about 45 miles north of San Francisco, and it extends to the Pacific Ocean to the West, The Mayacamas mountains and Napa Valley to the East, Mendocino County to the North, and Marin County to the South. 

Sonoma County is home to a diversity of climates, topography, geology that is unique in the world. It is here that we craft our wines, from micro, small vineyards that take advantage of these unique attributes, planted to varietals that are able to best convey the unique "terroir" that each of these sites has to offer. 

This is a map of Sonoma County, with all of its different "sub-applellations" or AVA's (American Viticulture Areas), which are similar to defined regions in other wine growing areas of the world. Each AVA has a typicity of climate and soils, defining its "terroir", which intern leads to it being known for specific varietals and styles that do best in that region. 

Map Courtesy of   Their website is a great resource for high-quality wine maps, posters, and their interactive online vineyard mapping application 


This is a map from the Sonoma County Vintners,  which is also a fantastic resource for eductation and information about the wines and regions of Sonoma County