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Petaluma Gap is a new appellation in Sonoma County, as of December 2017. It is a unique area just south of the Russian River, surrounding the town of Petaluma and the Petaluma basin to the mountain range that seperates it and Sonoma Valley. Its unique properties are alluvial adobe clay soils, which keep the roots of the vineyard moist and humidified during the year, with warm days, giving way to cool breezy evenings, and heavy nightime and morning fog through a "gap" in the coastal mountain range to the pacific ocean. 

We are excited to have a small vineyard of Pinot Noir on top of a hill in this AVA, which gathers filtered morning sunshine at a diagonal northeastern exposure. Sitting 150 ft above the adobe plain, next to Christine's chardonnay vineyard, the vines can rest during the foggy nights and sleep in on late foggy monday mornings, to give it a nice gentle ripening season. The adobe clay and sandy loam soils allow for a long growing season with slow balanced ripening. 

Our First bottling is the 2016 Stony Point Pinot Noir